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Fame & Flute: Five Places to Buy Trendy, Affordable, High-Quality Women’s Clothes And Accessories

I live in Los Angeles, CA where it seems like everyone can afford haute couture, designer pieces. On any given day walking through the grocery store, most of the people I’m passing are wearing Gucci, Chanel, or YSL purses while sporting the latest Balenciaga sneakers. When I was younger working on a $30,000/year salary as an assistant at a record label, I avoided playing myself or getting into extreme debt by sticking to the rivers and lakes I’m used to. I frequented Ross Dress For Less or picked up pieces on sale at places like H&M or Forever 21 that were priced $20 and below.

Then I got a job where I could make a living, and I also was no longer in my early 20s getting away with fun, fast-casual clothes I loved. Although I wasn’t at the place of comfortably affording an exclusively designer wardrobe, I could afford to find clothing at the price point of $100 and under. Below are 5 places where I’ve found amazing, quality clothing and accessories that I used to this day:


Naked Wardrobe — Basics

In an endless world of Instagram boutiques and cheap, repackaged items that are sold at a premium, Naked Wardrobe stands out as supreme among high-quality basics. Doubled-lined and coming in a variety of colors, Naked Wardrobe sells everything from crop tops, bodysuits, leggings, jackets, and shirts.


Pretty Little Thing — Shoes

I have wide feet and therefore can be a bit rough on shoes. Because of this, it’s imperative to have shoes that won’t wear out easily and have great structure to them. Pretty Little Thing takes the forefront of making shoes that are affordable and fit amazingly. Styles from sandals to boots means a wide range of options for any occassion.


Macy’s — Free People

Free People is one of my favorite clothing brands for the free-flowing, colorful, and very comfortable clothing it sells. I believe the designs are creative, sophisticated, and fun pieces you can wear at any age. One of the hacks I have is buying Free People from Macy’s online or in-stores to find it at lower prices from past seasons. Through this I’ve found pieces as low as $15 that are marked down from over $100+.


Aldo — Statement Jewelry

I love a good statement jewelry piece that can elevate the most basic clothing to a perfect outfit for a night on the town or for going to a brunch. Aldo, a company that specializes in shoes, happens to make phenomenal statement jewelry that doesn’t break the bank. The pieces they sell range from playful bangles and chunky necklaces that match well to a party dress to chandelier earrings that can go with an evening gown.


REVOLVE — Face Masks

In a world that may never get to fully be post-covid, face masks have turned from being just a way to protect yourself to a way to express yourself and accessorize with your outfit as well. Enter REVOLVE, the shop that you never knew carried some of the trendiest and stylish face masks in one place. Instead of searching through various sites to find that perfect mask, check out this online boutique to find a great selection, many that frequently go on sale.